Hackeranalysis: connecting content creators and advertisers

No more cold emailing to advertisers and publishers. We'll take the weight off your shoulders. Hackeranalysis is here to help with creating an open and

a transparent community for advertisers and content creators to connect and communicate.

Automated payments

Create your payment scheme and get automated payments.

Community of makers and advertisers

Get access to the community of content creators and advertisers.

Relationship management

Have a separate space for business and content creators' relationship only. Keep in touch and find new connections.

Integration with analytics tools

Integrate with your existing analytics and marketing tools to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Pitches for your products

Create and save unique private pitches about your products and send them automatically to advertisers.

Complete content creator profile

Do you run a blog, podcast, and newsletter? No problem. Maintain your content creator profile in one place

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